Make Sense of Your Google Analytics

Let your proven data make business decisions, not what others think is a good idea.


Analyze Behavioral Data with Analytics

Get a 1000ft view of your current customers and trends, connect the dots for more in-depth insights, or both.

  • Understand who is looking at your website

    - Identify where users are coming from and what their intent is.

    - Classify users into personas and utilize this information for all marketing efforts.

  • Track more than pageviews

    - Create funnels that nurture leads over time.

    - 92 Percent of Consumers Visiting a Retailer's Website for the First Time Aren't There to Buy.

    - Your brand needs to build credibility and trust, very rarely do customers buy without doing their research.

  • Connect the dots

    Gain actionable insights from multiple data sources

My Facebook Ads were getting positive ROI, but my conversion rate was less than 1%. Once I optimized my website for a higher conversion rate, my ROI exponentially increased.

Lorenzo George
CEO, Partner Agency

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